Rich & Karen's Curly Fur Kitties Mickey & Jabber

Please spay & neuter your pets! Mickey and Jabber were born May 7, 2000. We got them from Debbie of PATTNCHAT Devon Rex one late Sunday night. I am actually allergic to cats and while searching online for a hypo- or nonallergenic pet I discovered this wonderful breed that hardly sheds. We used to keep them out of our bedroom but they are so social they scratched up the doors wanting to be with us. They are the most wonderful breed of cat, almost dog-like in their demand for attention sometimes.

See a Quicktime "movie" of the cats playing (542K). The movie was created from images taken with our digital camera in "burst" mode, that is, 3 pictures per second for 5 seconds. The movie is 2 of these back to back. I also have pictures in my photo gallery.

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